miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2012

The gateway to the New Time 12-12-12

From December 8 to December 14 in Lake Titicaca (PUNO)
Finally, the cosmic alignment is with us ... this December 2012 is soon between the center of the Cosmos and our beloved planet. We are beginning to be witnesses of the three suns, of the light among us, around us and to the infinity, as if these suns will take us to a new dawn.

This is a unique opportunity, at the time of the culmination of the great year of the Mayan Calendar, to include our sacred spirits as a catalyst toward the evolution of life and human being. NEW AWARENESS IS IN EACH ONE OF US.

The Inca power spots stand as witnesses of our liberation, of our heavy energies, for an expansion of our essence to mark a new calendar, the calendar of the Heart, Now.

We have an Itinerary (7 days/ 6 nights); if you are interested request to your executive the itinerary day by day.

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