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Twelve Spanish bullfighters, two Peruvians and one French comprise the Poster of Matadors of the international fair Lord of Miracles 2012, which will takes place in the historic Plaza de Acho, in Lima from November 4 to December 9, Among the skilled Spanish are listed David Fandila 'El Fandi', Miguel Angel Perera, Alejandro Talavante, Enrique Ponce, Julian Lopez 'El Juli' and José María Manzanares.
The French 'Juan Bautista', whose real name is Jean-Baptiste Jalabert, will bullfight in the bullfight scheduled for November 18, in what will be his debut in Plaza de Acho of Lima, the oldest in Latin America and the second oldest in the world.

The traditional 'Feria del Señor de los Milagros' held annually since 1945, and award with the 'Gold Scapular ' to the bullfighter that perform the best job with their respective cut ears and/or tail. 
The Plaza de Acho was created on January 30, 1766, when Peru was a colony of Spain. It was the first Plaza of America and the second in the world behind the Plaza de Toros of Bejar in Spain.


Sunday November 4. Bullfight of Apostle St. James (Peru) to Carlos Ramirez "Morenito de Canta", Juan Leal (Spain) and Michelito Lagravere (Mexico)

First Bullfight: Sunday November 11 - Bulls of Achury Viejo (Colombia) to Javier Castaño (Spain), Fernando Roca Rey (Peru) and Jimenez Fortes (Spain)

Second Bullfight: Sunday November 18 – Bulls of La Carolina (Colombia) to Juan Bautista (France), David Mora (Spain), and Alfonso de Lima (Peru).

Third Bullfight: Sunday November 25 – Bulls of Sebastián de Las Palmas (Colombia) to David Fandila “El Fandi” (Spain), Miguel Ángel Perera (Spain), and Alejandro Talavante (Spain).

Fourth Bullfight: Sunday December 2 - Bulls of Roberto Puga (Peru) to Enrique Ponce (Spain), Julián Lopez “El Juli” (Spain), and José María Manzanares (Spain)

Fifth Bullfight: Sunday December 9 – Bulls of San Esteban de Ovejas (Colombia) to Juan José Padilla (Spain), Iván Fandiño (Spain), and Daniel Luque (Spain).

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