miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2012


The Andean Explorer from Peru Rail won the first place in South America in the competition of the World Travel Awards in the category of best luxury train in South America for this year, placing the magical route from Cusco to Lake Titicaca in global showcase. 
This international achievement undoubtedly open new opportunities in the tourism industry, promoting through a unique travel experience by train, a trip considered as one of the ten most beautiful routes in the world.
On the way to Lake Titicaca, on board of the Andean Explorer of Peru Rail you can discover the luxury and elegance of Pullman trains from the 20s. A unique train with a dining car, bar car and outdoor observatory car, offering 5 forks lunch, artistic shows, and turn it into a magical way to explore the Andes. 
During the tour you will discover a new way to know Peru, between mountains, clouds, and snow; you will arrive at the majestic Lake Titicaca where the breathtaking scenery of the high Andes, accompanied by the melodies and Peruvian flavors aboard the train, will make your trip a memorable experience.

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