jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2012

COOKING CLASSES, a different way to discover Peru

Enjoy the best of Peruvian cuisine and learn all about delicious local ingredients by joining bespoke cooking classes at Palacio Nazarenas.
Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to master the art of preparing and cooking local specialties such as quinoa, tubers, alpaca meat and much more.
We look forward to offering you a truly memorable culinary experience
Our programme begins with a tour to a nearby fruit and vegetable market, where a local expert will introduce you to a wide range of indigenous produce. As part of the tour, you will be given certain amount of money to buy the ingredients you need for your cooking class.
Back at the hotel you are then given special access to our secret garden where, with your guide, you can discover many of the aromatic herbs used in Peruvian cuisine, not only today but since the time of the Incas.
Now your cooking class begins: don your special Palacio Nazarenas apron and chef’s hat—which you are welcome to take home with you as mementos of your stay—and meet your tutor, our resident chef César Landeo.
During the class you will be able to prepare either a starter and main dish or a main and dessert, according to your preference. You also have the opportunity to learn about wines to pair with these dishes and to take a Peruvian cocktail class.
Afterwards we will send you the recipes for the dishes you created, which include step-by-step photo instructions so you can prepare these delicious treats at home.
Estimated duration of class: 3 hours
Cuisine: Modern Andean
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