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In Chuchito Peninsula on Lake Titicaca, is located the community of Luquina Chico (12,600 f.a.s.l.), an excellent choice to live a day of experiential tourism. Luquina Chico has an extension of 250 square miles, cold wet weather, with an average of 46- 56 °F. Has two well defined seasons, the dry season from April to November and the rainy season from December to March. You can get to Luquina Chico by affirmed road surrounding the Chucuito Peninsula or sailing along Lake Titicaca. From Puno city, the lake crossing takes approximately 30 minutes.
Tourist experience, visitors are greeted with flute and drum music , while the families wear their best clothes for welcoming. Visitors are installed in homes and participate in community tasks. Depending on the preferences of the guest: they can fish, learn how to weave, cut firewood, cooking, playing a football game in almost fourteen thousand feet above sea level or simply participate in the stories of myths, tales and legends. The rooms have a beautiful view of Lake Titicaca. From comfortable beds, clean sheets and private bathrooms with hot water. One of the best moments is when community members invite the traveler to wear their costumes and participate in the dance.

The food is simple, based on local products (traditional cuisine). They will taste the typical local dishes. The families prepare food with products that they grow and harvest in their fields or fishing in the Lake Titicaca. The lunch, dinner and breakfast are served in the dining room of the house, located near the stove where travelers integrated to the family group.

About 25 families have started this project since 2005. Currently there are 20 little houses with private baths and 36 houses with shared bathroom (with family). Have hot water, some with "ecological tank" and other with electricity. The tourist attractions of Luquina Chico are its viewpoint and the pier. They can also enjoy additional services such as boating, sailing and rowing, visit archaeological sites, native dances, music, campfire, fishing, medicinal plant recognition and participation in agricultural activities.

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  1. Experiential Tourism is very nice way to increase traveler market towards our country, where foreigner can get idea of Rural life of India.