viernes, 27 de julio de 2012

ZERO TOLERANCE regarding Hand Luggage Policies on Board

Please note that in order to keep safety protocols of our company, we kindly ask you for your support by instructing your operational teams and clients about hand luggage policies on board of our different train services from August 6th, 2012, when PERURAIL will apply ZERO TOLERANCE. Hand baggage must include those items that due to its significance; a traveler shall take along on board. All hand luggage must be store in/on the compartments provided by PERURAIL for this purpose, that is why it is not allowed to exceed the regulations bellow: Hand Baggage Allowance: a bag or backpack on board, this must not exceed 05 kg (11lb) and / or 62 lineal inches / 157cm (height - length - width), likewise, all baggage exceeding the permissible measures on board (up to 23 kg - free of charge) may be shipped in the storage of luggage available on the route of Ollantaytambo - Machu Picchu Train 83 departing at 08:53 hrs and arriving at 10:52 hours, and returning on the Train 504 departing at 16:22 hours and arriving at 18:01 hours.

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